Soft Washing

Go Cleaning has been soft washing for many years. Soft washing means to clean external surfaces with enviro-friendly chemicals and LOW PRESSURE or soft pressure, hence “soft washing”

Using the correct chemicals in the precise proportions, we can miraculously cleanse faces that were in the past thought to be impossible to clean. These include lichen/moss stained render, lichen/moss roofs, weathered raw timber decking, some hard-water stains, slippery surfaces, concrete, bricks, painted weatherboards, etc.


The soft-washing system Go Cleaning use is fully adjustable as to chemical percentages, it is a
the precise method of applying the safe chemicals, and then the correct methods of gently
lifting off the soiling to reveal stunning stain-free surfaces.


Most of the time you can avoid re-painting surfaces you were certain could never be cleaned and other cleaning companies either failed at or said it could not be done.